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Searching Minds Unite

::Res Ipsa Loquitor::

searching minds unite
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Howdy Folks! A few Rules and bits of info here before you decide wether or not to join COUNTERFITMIND.

The goal and intent of this community is to ask and express heartfelt, true questions about uncertainty about your life, the world, your relationships with family, friends, where you might fit in amongst the mess. Including philosophy, spirtuality, ideas about life, sex, love, lust, art, music and what else might exist, so on and so forth. You can post as much as you like, but provide feedback to others as well so it isint lopsided, try to help as much as you can, while you yourself are looking for answers to questions. Not too much there, but it is enough to get started on, more will follow as this community grows and develops.

RULES: (and I expect these to be followed)
1. No Flame Wars. Respect other peoples questions, opinions and answers. This isnt a daycare where we bicker and squabble.
2. This isint a place to bitch about how your boy/girlfriend wouldn't buy you flowers or your mom made you wash the dishes or you hate this guy in school or homework has you down or you dont like your job. If you want to whine, post on your own journal not here. Nor is this a dream interpretation journal, only if the dream has relevance to some other aspect of your life that falls under the ideas stated in the journal summary. If this becomes an issue at all, I will begin moderating and approving posts.
3.If it is going to be a large entry, use the "ljcut" function in the rich text format so you can add as much as you'd like with out taking up all the space.
4. I am assuming that anyone who joins this little thing will hopefully benefit from it, so try and do your best to follow #'s 1, 2 & 3.