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The Great Sacrifice [Aug. 26th, 2005|07:08 pm]
searching minds unite
I think Jesus was the very embodiment of "The Great Sacrifice." The sun, existing purely out of pure altruism and self-sacrifice, giving life, light, warmth to all forms of life and asking for nothing in return; tell me, would you sacrifice yourself for someone you didn't love or have true compassion for? The sun is the very embodiment of universal compassion and love, it is the elder brother of our solar system, taking care of all of us. Jesus was one with our Central Spiritual Sun, his life reflected perfectly its Wisdom. Now this perfected being's main teaching was universal love, so do you honestly think that he would limit this to "Christians" only? Their was no such thing as "Christians" or "Christianity" when he was alive, he came to our earth willingly out of pure compassion to teach the Law of Laws and his life was universal in spirit and non-sectarian in attitude, not identified with time and place, and truly devoted to the universal goodness of all of humanity. He gave us only his teachings, and later people gathered and created Christianity. Do you honestly believe that a man who in the last moments of his life lived, embodied, and preached forgiveness of injury would only let Christians into this obscure "kingdom of heaven" that he spoke of, which is also spoken of in the Hindu Upanishads verbatim and in Plato's dialogues and Buddha's teachings (Nirvana) in different words. Christians believe that the kingdom of heaven is a physical location somewhere in extra cosmic space, nowhere is that elucidated in the bible, but in Hinduism and Buddhism it is simply a state of consciousness, for all is consciousness and existence, all is being, how can it be escaped? The Nazarean teacher also said "the kingdom of heaven is within you" and his early followers and Gnostics, not to mention all Christian mystics from all times believed in this. Whatever, my brain hurts from all the fallacies….. The main thing I'm trying to get at is we should try to participate in "The Great Sacrifice" as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Pythagoras, and all of humanities true Teachers have. All these perfected beings "relinquished at their death the attainment of Enlightenment--i.e., the summum bonum of bliss, and of individual personal felicity--that they might be born again and again for the benefit of mankind. In other words, that they might be again and again subjected to misery, imprisonment in flesh, and all the sorrows of life, provided that they by such a self-sacrifice, repeated throughout long and weary centuries, might become the means of securing salvation and bliss in the hereafter for a handful of men chosen among but one of the many planetary races of mankind." - The Great Masters Letter.

[User Picture]From: pink_goddess996
2005-08-29 09:43 am (UTC)
I think it is interesting that you say that Jesus sarificed himself. Did Jesus have a say in the matter? Jesus actually refused his "role", it was only after his wanderings in the desert that he "accepted" his path in life. He never chose to be sacrificed. The sacrifice in Jesus death was made by God. The sacrifice is what God sacrificed for us so that we might be closer to God through Gods sacrifice of his son. You also make menion of non Christians being allowed in to heaven. If y0u believe in the new testament it states that you must accept that Jesus died for our sins in order to be allowed through the gates of heaven. Therefore ommiting all non Christians. Of course the new testament was writen by the Catholic churh. The Catholic church has no real credibility on the matter of well anything. They picked and choose what they wanted to be in the new testament to fit thier needs. Thier need was for people to rely on them for spiritual guidance. Stating that the only way to reach God was through the church. Hence the concept of communion. Holy comunion is the churchs mediation of our spiritual connection to God.In order to connect with God you must believe in Jesus and take part in holy communion. The rights of the last supper. Holy comunion can only be done through the Catholic church. Interesting, no?
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