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An Only Partially Veiled Tale (Part 64) [Aug. 25th, 2005|12:08 am]
searching minds unite
the Mediterrean days of summer passed. the teacher called
her less and less. when she called him, there was no
felt connection. once when she called, he had picked up
the phone and put it back down without saying anything.
she was aware that he had known it was her calling.

never was there a message waiting for her from the
teacher when she had been at the motorcycle shop
working, drinking, hanging-out with the boys... which
had become more and more frequent.

occasionally, she would walk from her home to a beat up
neighborhood bar and drink beer alone, feeling alone
among the regular down and out customers. the bartender,
a young girl named Hanna, however, always welcomed her
with a kind smile. she was dating a man claiming to be
a brain surgeon, though he spent so much time at the bar
she wondered. he and Hanna would cheerfully discuss their
sex life as she sat listening. Hanna was into yoga.